Porsche 944 Turbo 1986

Any Porsche, as you know, needs a complete restoration only if abandoned in a backyard or in a damp garage. Otherwise, they go through the years requiring only a proper and constant maintenance. Our 944 turbo was simply forgotten for more than ten years after being one of the best car for reliability, performance and roadholding in the 80ies.

And then, how not to love a car with pop-up headlights?
Let’s forget the diatribe between real and unreal Porsches that must have an air cooled engine at the back. This is the car, along with the previous 924 that saved Porsche from bankruptcy and which really represented a benchmark for its modern features to be still fully appreciated and enjoyable today.
So here’s the opportunity to restore this 220 HP turbo in its most complete originality. A car with less than a hundred thousand km, nothing for a Porsche.

The bodywork was in excellent condition and we were therefore limited to replacing a pair of front parking light and indicator, fixing the side skirts, reviving the rubber parts like the rear spoiler.
The mechanics were completely revised to ensure that this fireball would return to dominate the road.
We started from the ignition, substituting the distributor cap, cables and plugs, and then we came down to the distribution belt, the water pump, and the radiator that, as usual, we filled with Evans liquid.
But the engine did not rev as it should and then it was also necessary to replace the throttle sensor and the electronic injection diode. The injectors were revised and the fuel pump, pressure regulator and all pipes were replaced. Brake calipers were overhauled with new disks and Kevlar pads that do not dirty the rims. In short, more than six thousand euros have been spent in spare parts only!
The black leather interior has been reconditioned and all broken or worn details of the dashboard and door panels have been replaced. We then added a wonderful Blaupunkt radio of the time, modified with a mp3 input.
Following the Porsche Maintenance Bulletin, the air conditioning system has been updated to use the latest refrigerant fluids according to current laws.
“Everything must work”: this is our principle!
Also this car of ours, which we hope will be increasingly appreciated by fans, has received the ASI “gold plate” approval.

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