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Vintage Car Masters

Car enthusiasts since ever, when, as babies, a small dish magically became a steering wheel. Passion has led us to assiduously be part in the world of cars, as a hobby and as a job.

Past experiences on the track as track-day or race participants led us to love motorsport and cars in general. Being both from ’64 our passion is inevitably linked to the golden age of motoring, the one that filled our boy’s dreams.

During the 60ies and the 70ies probably the most beautiful cars in history were produced. Having today the change to “play” with those glittering cars, those we saw speeding away from our daddy car windows, gives us immense satisfaction and pleasure.

Passion for classic cars, is after all, passion for things of yore , for a simpler world when a kid could recognize his father’s car approaching by the raspy sound of the exhaust.

That’s it, from the emotion we feel every time we turn the key of a vintage car, grows the desire of driving it and sharing the experience with other enthusiasts.

That is the reason why discussing and exchanging experiences with you will be never considered a loss of time and we will be pleased to help you fulfil your kid’s dreams.

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