Citroen DS 21 Pallas 1970

For those around 50, the “goddess” is probably a sweet memory of when they were child. She lazily rose on his wheels to accommodate her passengers in a flying lounge, we could sit in the midst of mom and dad ready to face endless voyages. But even today this car has enthusiasts of all ages who are fascinated by its unique lines and mechanics, so complicated but so innovative in the 1950s to wonder why all today cars are not so conceived.

Our project has taken care of a 21 Pallas 1970 with semi-automatic transmission and a chassis in excellent condition but with the mechanics and bodywork to be revised. The hydraulic system that scares many is, in fact, a system to be thoroughly mastered with analmost “scientific” method. You need to understand it thoroughly and it will repay you with such a gentle operation that will surprise you. Let in the workshop manuals, technical diagrams and also a seminar at the historic Citroen Register. Then, skill and experience must be added to all this.

We reset to new all the hydraulic system by replacing the main devices such as the high pressure pump, the circuit regulator, the steering rake, the centrifugal regulator, the water pump, and revising others instead. The car will be used almost daily and therefore the complete front suspension and shafts have been replaced. The latters with original pieces modified by Citroen itself when the DS was no longer in production.
To the overhaul of the engine, brakes and routine maintenance we have upgraded of the air conditioning system, a Frigette aftermarket, with more efficient and modern components. As always we filled the cooling system with Evans Liquid.
The whole chassis was then internally lined with Dynamat panels, the best product for insulation from noise and heat.
The radio is digital with a vintage look with a re-built mask branded Citroen.
As far as the bodywork is concerned, it has been completely dismantled, including the roof to ensure its waterproofness, and repainted with the replacement of all internal and external gaskets. Completely new leather interiors with the addition of original headrests and upgraded with front and rear inertial seat belts.
This DS will be a blend of antique and modern with many details simply cleaned up and refurbished, others completely revised for maximum efficiency and others still modern but invisible. In short, a true evolution of that magnificent car that in 1955 made every other car look like an object of pre-history!

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